Sunday, January 22, 2017


Jason Siegel is an accomplished lifestyle, music and fashion photographer whose controversial art installation “Shoot Portraits, Not People” was set for debut in Aspen on Friday, January 13th at The BLK MKT gallery.
This creative and provocative exhibit is Siegel's first non-photography based art project and displays photographic equipment built into high-powered weaponry, offering a look into the idea behind shooting portraits, not people.

The artful gesture of mixing tool and technique is evident in the creative process it takes to build the “guns,” from start to finish using hand-picked camera equipment as the source. This undertaking wouldn’t be possible without Denver-based metal sculptor Keith D’Angelo, who Siegel connected with in order to make this project come to life.

“Shoot Portraits, Not People” moves beyond the elements of still photography and captures the archetype of both guns and cameras as universally recognized symbols of provocateur. The display of one of a kind custom camera weaponry will be accompanied by other military themed accessories that create an interactive and immersive installation.
The attention to detail is impeccable with each gun being constructed by hand-picked parts chosen from over 200 pounds of camera parts specifically sourced for this project.

"When I'm taking photos, I'm mostly pressing buttons whether it's behind the camera or behind the computer. This project has allowed me to go beyond my creative borders and create something that has no boundaries and yet is totally unique," Siegel says.

Opening night of "Shoot Portraits, Not People," took place at The BLK MKT gallery in Aspen, Colorado on January 13th and will be open only through the month of January including during the X-Games.

Each handcrafted piece and the military-themed accessories will be available for purchase on site as well as prints of each "gun."

Friday, December 30, 2016



Peter Thoshinsky joined the San Francisco Police Department back in 1982. After serving as a cop for 31 years, his career in the department took a major turn: he became the official “historical photographer” for the SFPD.

The 57-year-old photographer was born and raised in San Francisco and received his first camera as a birthday present when he turned 18. But he didn’t become serious about photography until he received an unwanted darkroom kit from a friend and turned his bathroom into a small private darkroom.

“For me, the epiphany was the realization that the final print is what’s important,” Thoshinsky tells PetaPixel. “The glaring differences between drugstore color prints auto corrected for 18% gray and the drama of an 8×10 inch black and white print, tonally adjusted, was dramatic.”

To this day, Thoshinsky preaches about the value of carefully finished photos, whether film or digital.

“Only prints will survive after you are gone,” Thoshinsky says. “No one is going to open up your external hard drive in 2116 and convert your RAWS and make images. Not going to happen. No more so than anyone printing my 150 pounds of film negatives.”

7 years after joining the SFPD, the Loma Prieta Quake rocked the SF Bay Area in 1989. Thoshinsky brought his camera to work to document the quake’s destruction. His photos were well received, and the next year he was asked to shoot day-to-day photos of SFPD officers at work.

Thoshinsky continued documenting police work on the street for the next 20 years.

“From 1990 until 2012 I was a street sergeant in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco, and had opportunities to photograph where no one else can,” he says. “I carried a little Konica T4 in my pocket with Kodak TMAX 3200 film, and took pictures when I could.”

After retiring from the force in 2013, Thoshinsky found himself continually at the receiving end of photo requests by the SFPD Media Relations Unit.

“At first I didn’t mind, but after a while, it got old proving free content,” he says.

So, he decided to ask the police department if he could be rehired part-time as a civilian photographer. He submitted a proposal for the creation of a new position of “Historical Photographer,” and, to Thoshinsky’s surprise, it was approved in 2015.

As part of the job’s description, Thoshinsky has carte blanc access to the entire police department.

“My job, as I see it, is to capture history, that “history happens today”, and it needs to be recorded,” the photographer says.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016



This keyboard looks good, it works softly, silently; it also has a timeout/ speed mode plus other interesting features.  And it does perform beyond my expectations!

This keyboard is not mechanical at all. However, you might feel it is. The USB interface makes the setup quick and simple. The keyboard is plug and play and in few seconds you are up and 
running with your projects, assignments or entertainment.  No hassle.

The keys feel all right, with enough click sound to monitor while you are typing; the feedback click sound does not disturb at all. 

The feel of the 104 keyboard is not plasticky or cheap. The build is great. The colorful LEDs on the keyboard makes it very cool and suitable for work either in a dark shadowy area or in very dim light room.

I prefer a dim light environment to relax my eyes. The (Colorful) DMYCO LED Keyboard allows me to work comfortably and confidently at my own pace in the privacy of my home.

Since I am a translator online, I spend a lot of time in front my PC's, my large screens, and keyboards. After a while, this process starts bothering you in many ways. Therefore, my eyes get tired or irritated very often of the screen white; The DMYCO colorful (with 4 adjustable levels of brightness) keyboard allows me to have brief relieving breaks to refocus and adjust my eyes to the heavy load of work that I have.

I have noticed that many choose or want this keyboard for gaming purposes, mainly because of the custom keys it has. Nevertheless, 'I would highly recommend this keyboard for others.' Specially those who spend a great deal of time typing.

Visually or aesthetically, the brush aluminum finish plus the colors are attractive and addictive.  This keyboard is NOT less functional or efficient. On the contrary, it is smooth to operate and a pleasure work with it.  After a week or so of heavy use, the features and shortcuts definitely make a very good affordable choice as it also helps to prevent hand fatigue.

About my work as a translator - Reading the object language, usually English documents to be immediately translated into a target language (Spanish, Portuguese, French, or Italian) gives no extra time to waste.  I must be focused and accurate because of my deadlines or time frame. This demands full concentration on my work. The DMYCO keyboard gives me the freedom and reassurance that I need to use this keyboard both as the right and reliable tool for my work. I simply love this working tool.

Maintenance is easy and quick; keys are easily removable and a little wide brush is provided for cleaning the base of this device.  You do this in a snap of the fingers, another plus.

Call it either mechanical, advanced or hybrid rubber dome keyboard. It does not really matter. At the end of the day, only performance in your workload or operations will determine the pros or cons of the tools and accessories you have to develop and complete your assignments. 

In my particular case, I bought this keyboard at the same time I bought a larger 32" monitor to add to my translation gear on my desk. The combination could not be any better. The large visual of my new screen plus the great tactile ‘relaxing  visual feel’ of the DMYCO keyboard have become, so far,  a flawless combo to be more productive and competitive.

Extremely satisfied and happy with such a fine tool for my extenuating  load of work!


★Gamer's Equipment. 104 keys, 19 keys non-conflict, removable keycaps, strengthened space key. Specially designed keys for enhanced durability and tactile feedback, professional gaming feeling.
★Unique Backlit Design, two Backlit Modes, Stable Rainbow and Circular Breathing Rainbow Modes. Backlight Brightness can be switch among high, medium and low light level. Easy to use at night and energy saving.
★Delicate appearance, Arcuated Double injection ABS keycaps design, effectively reduce hand fatigue, feel more comfortable, the characters never fade. Not a mechanical keyboard, but tones clear, feels good, user experience is similar to a mechanical keyboard.
★User-Friendly. Quickly control each function, multimedia keys provide shortcuts operate. ergonomic design, comfortable to operate.
★Support Systems, Windows95/ 98/ 2000/ ME/ VISTA/7/ 8/WIN7/ WIN8/ WIN10/ Android/ Linux/ IOS etc. Best for home, office, games, and entertainment.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Photography by Xavi Bou

Although Ornitographies is a current photo project, it has a somewhat distant origin, since it is born from the innocent and restless gaze of the child, who once was Xavi Bou.
El Proyecto fotográfico Ornitografías está en pleno desarrollo y tiene un origen distante, ya que nació de la mirada inocente e incansable del que una vez, fuera niño Xavi Bou.